Whale Reader Insights

Are you struggling to make your book stand out in a sea of endless options? Do you wonder what makes a reader click on one book and not another? As a whale reader who devours nearly 300 books a year, I have the answers you seek!

Would I Click Your Book 📚 Ad?

Ever wonder what goes through the mind of a reader who clicks on countless book ads? Want to know how to make your book ad stand out in the vast ocean of online advertising?

Attract High Paying Clients on UpWork

I went from charging $25/hr to $195/hr and was
completely booked out - all through UpWork!

And I want to show you step-by-step how I did it!

Complete Systeme.io Success System Funnel for Only $7?

Imagine having a well-oiled system that sells for you and generates passive income for you any day.

Inside the Systeme.io Success System, you get this exact Done-For-You Funnel that sells your offer, your Systeme.io PLR Package and generates affiliate commissions too!

Systeme.io Virtual Assistant Funnel Kit with Lead Magnet, 52 Marketing Emails & Custom Email Sequence

Embark on a seamless journey to elevate your Virtual Assistant business with our all-inclusive Funnel Kit, meticulously designed for Systeme.io. This kit is not just a tool; it's a growth accelerator for Virtual Assistants ready to scale their operations and nurture their client relationships like never before.

Becoming Home: What to REALLY Expect as a Foster Parent

This isn't a book about the horror stories often associated with foster parenting, nor is it an account of the many children who passed through my home. Rather, it is an authentic, firsthand account from a mother's perspective, detailing the realities of the foster parent journey. I share everything from the initial decision to foster children, to the transformational process of becoming a foster parent, and how this monumental and absolutely rewarding decision can alter your life and your home.

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